Britain’s Top 5 Investment Hotspots

The United Kingdom is a country of many opportunities. It has economic, cultural and historical strengths that make the country a wonderful place for living. Even though Great Britain is a small island, it is very diversified country. There a lot of wonderful places and cities that are comfortable for living in many ways. A recent research has named top five places in Great Britain to buy a house or an apartment. Do you want to know more about it?

5 Best Places to Invest in Property

  1. Stratford-Upon-Avon. The hometown of a famous writer got into the list of the best cities and towns to live in. One of the reasons is that the town has a high employment rate and good conditions for living. If you are considering to buy a detached house or an apartment there, hurry up because there are predictions that the price will increase.Stratford-Upon-Avon property
  2. Keswick. Keswick is believed to be one of the friendliest town in the United Kingdom. People, who have moved to Keswick from other cities and towns, confess that locals are very friendly and helping here. In fact, it is an important factor when buying a house in a completely different town. Moreover, the town has a well-developed infrastructure. There are many schools, cafes, restaurants, and real estate agencies that will help you find accommodation.
  3. Elmbridge district. Most people move to this area because of its favourable economic condition and good employment rate. Property investors on average own around three different properties. The number of people renting in this area is also increasing, which only backs up the popularity of the place.
  4. London. Yes, the capital of England is also on the list of the best place to buy a new apartment or house. The reason is obvious – it is a capital and the city with everything you need. According to statistics collected from various real estate agencies, Richmond-upon-Thames has been recently a widely spread choice of people buying accommodation in London. It is a calm area in comparison to busy downtown, where life is property
  5. Harrogate. Harrogate town, also known as spa town, is the right option for those, who want to live in a cozy town with rich history and attracting architecture. The town has a strong and rather varied economy, which means that those, who move there, will not have difficulties with finding job.

Its “spa name” Harrogate has received because the water contains iron, Sulphur and salt.


Investing in property is always a good decision especially, if you are investing in property in Great Britain. Buying a house or an apartment in one of the above-mentioned places will be a purchase of a lifetime. You will never regret about it.