Paradise In Biarritz: 10 Reasons To Move

Biarritz, one of the most famous elite resorts of the Atlantic coast, attracts tourists and visitors with its mild climate, sea air and the extraordinary beauty of the Atlantic Pyrenees. Located in the south-west of France, in 780 km from Paris, 202 km from Bordeaux and 30 minutes from the Spanish border, it begins the tourist season in May and ends in late September.

Top 10 Reasons To Move To Biarritz:

  1. Ocean. Generally, the coast around the resort cannot boast of an endless set of beaches because the rocky spurs of the Pyrenees are everywhere reaching the very edge of the surf, forming high coastal ledges and rocky capes. But at their foot stretches a whole series of relatively small shores with clean sand, and you can get there from Biarritz by car or bus.
  2. Comfortable weather. The ocean is the cause of everything. There is no stuffiness, no unbearable heat, no hot waves emanating from the asphalt. Yes, it’s hot on the sun, but there’s always a wind that immediately refreshes, especially in the shade. In this sense the resort surpasses all your expectations: cool evenings and fresh nights with half-open windows, when the blanket is very handy. And in the daytime there are quite mild sunshine and ocean water of perfect temperature.
  3. Cozy place. Many people dare to live a peaceful vivid life in France near the ocean. And Biarritz homes for sale at very good price can help to make these dreams come true. The offers and variety of options are impressive!
  4. Cazino spot. Night life is simply unimaginable without gambling. Center of Biarritz city is well-known for Municipal Casino, located almost on the Grand-Plage, carefully restored in full accordance with its magnificent historical appearance of the 1930s.
  5. A center of thalassotherapy. Several SPA centers of the most renowned «Louison Bobet» Institute have been opened here, using both favorable natural and climatic features of the city, and mineral waters coming from Brisku (20 km from Biarritz).
  6. Royal atmosphere. The fashionable resort of Biarritz was created by Eugenia Montijo, the wife of Emperor Napoleon III. In 1854, “villa Eugenia” was built there for her. Now l’Hotel du Palais is on its place. According to the tradition established in the middle of the XIX century, the whole upper world and celebrities gather there in summer.
  7.  Art Hub. The special spirit of the resort is created with its vibrant cultural life – festivals, vernissages, world movie premieres, fashion shows, concerts. Here, each day becomes a holiday.
  8.  High entertainments.  Here you will be happy to join the most aristocratic sports – horse riding, golf, tennis and surfing in the company of trendy and successful people.
  9. Cultural Heritage. You can visit the Museum of History  containing collections of paintings and personal belongings of imperial families, the Maritime Museum, numerous cathedrals, monuments and just admire the architecture of the cozy old streets.
  10. Shopping. And, finally, you can appreciate a number of boutiques and world-famous trading houses, which Biarritz is rightfully proud of.

True paradise for living, isn’t it?

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