Smart Home: Investment into the Future or Waste of Money?

The world of modern technologies gives people a lot of opportunities to make their life more comfortable and easy. It refers to most areas of life including houses. Smart home is one of technological miracles these days, and many companies develop systems that can automate and control devices used at home – air conditioning, washers, refrigerator, dryers, etc. People are investing in smart homes more and more but, just like all things, smart homes have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Tailored to your needs. Technological houses are programmed to meet need of particular people or a person. It gives you convenience because you can control everything in your house even remotely. Smart homes are a helpful tool for older people or people with disabilities, who usually need some more help. For instance, a smart lock can recognize the owner of the house by voice or a simple touch. Routine processes like switching on or off the light can be automated to react to voice.
  • Additional security. Smart homes have a better security system. You can control your house from any part of the world with cameras, motion detectors or automated locks. The system is more secure in general in comparison to conventional houses. Technological houses can also prevent damage to your property by controlling temperature and other things inside your house.  For example, liquid detector can detect leakage and inform you of any changes.
  • Easy and simple. Even though smart home is a technological notion, it is easy and simple to use. Many devices used in smart houses can be installed and programmed by the owner of the house at any time without calling mechanic or any other specialist.


  • Price. State-of-the-art- technologies are not cheap. Not every family can afford to buy a house equipped with automated devices. Even if you buy one thing at a time, it will leave a considerable mark in your budget.
  • Compatibility. Smart places are created with the help of different products, which are not the products of one company. This causes problems with device compatibility. Manufacturers of devices are working on this issue but it needs some time.
  • Reliability. Critics of smart homes state that they are not reliable because they rely on internet connection. If connection breaks, you will lose connection with the house and most devices will not work.

No matter whether you live in a house packed with technology or not at the moment, one thing for sure – the future belongs to progress and technologies. That means that in future all of us will have a chance to live in a smart place.